Bee Free (three phase)

1Main Features
Mode 2 charging station
Three Phase CEE32
Current changing button 6A/10A/13A/16A/32A
Include carrying case
2Safety and Certification
Compliant acc. IEC61851,CE, EMC & RoHS
-Built-In A-EV RCD (30mAac, 6mAdc)
Over-temp protection
3Electrical data
Input Voltage: 400Vac, 3L + N + PE
Input Current: 32Amax
Output Power: 22kW, 32Amax
Socket: IEC 62196 Type 2 connector
4Dimensions & Weight
WxHxD: 50x480x190 mm, 1.5kg
5Environmental Conditions
Approved for both Indoor & Outdoor installations
Operating temperature: (-30°C) to (+50°C)
Protection degree: IP54