While gas stations can commonly be found, commercial electric vehicle charging stations are still fewer in number than their demand. And let’s not forget that this demand is only going to rise as more and more people become environmentally-conscious and choose EVs as their prime mode of transport. As such, owning EV charging stations presents a major opportunity to many businesses and government organizations.

Commercial properties

Put your commercial property on the EV charging stations map and attract new business tenants. Our Level 2 EV chargers will help drive the value of your property up, even as we keep your power consumption down. Your revenue stream will not only include the variable fee you take from EV drivers, but also the unique advertising opportunities you can generate with our 8” touchscreen display.


Showcase your business support for clean transportation by hooking your employees up with the best EV charging stations and fulfil your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. Not only will you retain employees who drive electric vehicles better, you can also issue closed-loop prepaid or postpaid cards to your team members to help them conveniently charge their vehicles during work hours.

Retail and new construction

There’s a good reason why Walmart and other retail companies are adding EV charging stations to hundreds of their stores. EV drivers are more likely to visit retail and hospitality locations where their vehicles can get juice while they eat, drink, or shop. And the economical rates you will be able to offer with our Level 2 EV charging stations will make sure that your customers come back for more.

Parking Lots

Commercial parking lots are arguably one of the most sought-after destinations for EV drivers when it comes to charging their vehicles. Our electric charging stations give you the flexibility of implementing differential charging rates according to the time or the day and boost your revenues. All our stations are energy-efficient, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, and require minimal maintenance.

Cities and municipalities

Become a frontrunner for clean air by promoting electric vehicles and giving drivers the necessary infrastructure they need in way of dedicated EV charging stations. All our products are smart grid-ready and capable of tapping into a long-term revenue stream.

Residential property

Install the wall mountable Bee Meter at your place of residence and enjoy AC charging at home, saving you time and become energy independent. With a sleek design, the Bee Meter can conveniently be mounted on your garage wall or next to your parking spot, for accessible level 2 charging right at home.