Fast charging

Blueberry is a new concept for charging, from 50 kW to 600 kW, a DC charger with output up to 1000 V, it can charge more than one EV simultaneously, sharing the power between its outputs.
Blueberry is available in three variants: the blueberry, with 50 kW, blueberry PLUS up to 600 kW and the blueberry CLUSTER, for fleet charging.

Cable Management System

Charging your EV is now very easy! Blueberry has the flexibility you need. With its 4.7 m/ 15.4 ft long charging cable, you don't need to worry how to park your EV. We develop a CMS, an automatic system, that prevents the charging cable to touch the ground, giving to the user a longer cable.

Add power units up to 600 kW

Choose the power range you want, from 50 kW to 600 kW. The user interface is the same just need to add power units. Blueberry's scalable architecture gives you the flexibility for your needs today and tomorrow.

New 32″ touchscreen user interface

With a large touchscreen display, it's possible to include ads or any multimedia content, in addition to charging information. When charging your EV you can configure a set of parameters, you can pick the power you want to charge, the amount you want to spend or even the time you want to charge.

Slow charging

EV Meter comes equipped with Nayax’s award-winning VPOS Touch device which seamlessly integrates telemetry, cashless clearance, machine monitoring and management, and business analytics with innovative marketing and advertising opportunities.

By accepting all cashless payments and transmitting data in real time, the solution offers EV operators increased revenue and improved productivity. Its multi-language display capability and customizable color touchscreen provide exciting ways to engage drivers for marketing purposes.

Discover the all-powerful technologies that work behind the scenes to make EV Meter charging stations ideal charging solution for all your commercial needs:


Even as the supply and availability of electric vehicle charging stations struggle to keep up with the demand, several manufacturers ‘lock’ charging devices to subscription-based payment platforms. In such an ecosystem, drivers become restricted and need to commit to a proprietary payment system. EV Meter, meanwhile, is powered by Nayax’s VPOS Touch, an award-winning, all-in-one, integrated cashless payments technology for unattended automated machines. By providing EV drivers with a quick and convenient way to pay, VPOS Touch makes sure that operators do not miss out even on a single sale. Since the device accepts every payment method in the market, operators can breathe easy knowing no potential customer will be turned away.

Open System

VPOS Touch allows EV Meter Level 2 commercial electric charging stations to offer multiple open cashless payment options, including mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, QR codes, etc.

Closed Environment

Operators can offer absolute convenience to customers, residents, employees, and students by allowing payment via prepaid cards

Loyalty App

Nayax’s Monyx Wallet connects operators with consumers in order to deliver digital vouchers and loyalty cards to increase sales and repeat customers


An integrated telemetry system gives operators complete visibility into the use of EV Meter. Operators can monitor transactions and charging in real-time and stay abreast with continuously updated information on all aspects of operations.

With comprehensive management and reporting suite collating all data in an easily interpretable manner, EV Meter empowers operators to gain complete visibility into their business from afar. Operators can gain actionable insights on consumer behavior and discover areas that need attention. Compatible with all Android and iOS devices, EV Meter’s management and reporting suite gives operators a solid advantage over the competition and allows them to create measurable results.

Machine status

Remotely manage machine attributes and use Nayax’s smart dashboard to overview active devices, sales, etc.

Electricity consumption

Check the daily, weekly, monthly and annual electricity consumption for each device along with the power charges incurred according to the usage and time of the day.

Real-time alerts

Receive warnings of adverse events or activities that need attending to in real time such as loss of power supply or machine malfunction.


Track how many purchases have been made and see which payment systems are preferred by the users. Easily configure and manage prepaid cards for closed-loop environments.

Mobile management

Access all data remotely at any location with Nayax’s user-friendly mobile management application, MoMa.


EV Meter provides operators with a comprehensive marketing and consumer engagement platform to build loyalty programs via Nayax’s VPOS Touch cashless payment solution. Operators can not only offer consumers a richer sales experience and reward them for their repeated purchases, but they can also earn extra revenue in the process.

Digitize your marketing and consumer engagement with EV Meter by building marketing campaigns and interacting with consumers, promoting punch cards, and allowing consumers to track purchases.

  • Variable pricing and customizable campaigns: Change prices and set up variable tariffs for different times of the day and different days of the week easily. Offer discounts for using specific payment methods.
  • Discounts and promotions: Roll out discount offers remotely, and reward customers for their patronage. Offer a free charging duration after a specified spend value.
  • Earn extra revenue: Tie-up with local businesses to run special offers and earn extra revenue. For example, a nearby coffee shop could showcase discounts on cappuccino for drivers using EV Meter.
  • Complete media system to manage videos: Upload and schedule advertising and brand videos remotely.
  • Run loyalty campaigns: Cultivate frequent, regular users and reward their loyalty with digital punch card campaigns.