Our Story

We are an Argentine company that develops, manufactures and markets high-quality electrical machines and equipment since 1974.
ELECTRONICA CAR is born, in a place where Carlos Raso carried out equipment repairs, in addition to visiting clients. He was only accompanied by his wife, Liliana Ramos, who led the administration and who continues to do so today. After visiting the electroplating workshops several times, they achieved sales and built a small factory plant in Lomas del Mirador, Buenos Aires province. They began to grow and evolve with simple current rectifiers, always with the premise that they were reliable and of quality.
A larger manufacturing plant is built on a neighboring lot where the project kept growing. New technology enabled products evolution into automatic equipment.
With constant and sustained growth, the manufacture of new machines and equipment for ELECTROPLATING is incorporated: rotary drums, tanks, filter pumps and automatic lines.
A microprocessor thyristorized automatic current rectifier is developed, the only one in the country. To continue growing, it was decided to manufacture it in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, under the industrial promotion regime of Law 19640, since in this way more competitive prices for export could be achieved. Thus, Rectificadores Fueguinos S.A. was born.
A public property is acquired and a 2000 m² industrial plant is built, for which improvements are made to the land, such as blasting and filling, since it was at the foot of a mountain. After two years of work, the new plant is ready and the manufacture of rectifiers and power battery chargers is started.
In that year there was an economic emergency, which caused millions of dollars to be lost in reimbursements for exports made to the Federative Republic of Brazil.
Activities were suspended due to serious economic inconveniences caused by the failure to collect export refunds.
Earth javelins and copper steel cable began to be produced in Buenos Aires, growing strongly in this market, which allowed the acquisition of adjacent land to a total of ten, where approximately 8000 m² of new plant were built until 2016. Currently 120 tons of steel are processed per month in javelins and steel/copper cable.
With the economic growth, it was decided to reactivate Rectificadores Fueguinos S.A. in Ushuaia. The dream is clouded by a strong conflict with the municipal mayor of that time, who tried to take away our properties with tricks and lies that lasted approximately six years. This was solved with the arrival of the new mayor in 2016
With its innovative strength in this new world context based on renewable energies, Rectificadores Fueguinos S.A. decided to venture into its project of battery charging rectifiers for electric cars.
A commercial relationship is started with EV Meter Nayax in Israel, incorporating part of its technology and supplies for the manufacture of battery chargers for electric cars. The plan to reactivate the Tierra del Fuego plant begins, as well as the adaptation and major renovations of the company building, with its covered area of ​​1200 m² and 6000 m² of land.
A commercial relationship is started with i-charging, in Portugal. Accompanying technological progress, we incorporate technology that makes the transition to electric mobility easier and faster, providing solutions that optimize energy consumption and charger activity time..