EV Meter App

Home charging station is now easily managed from your phone. The EV Meter app allows electric car charging at home to communicate with the EV home charging station and manage your home electricity consumption.

Your charging station and phone are successfully connected. Start charging your electric car now.

Charging is in progress. Reduce energy consumption by adjusting voltage levels on the App.

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Smarter electric car charging at home

  • EV home charging station control at your fingertips with Wi-Fi and BLE.
  • Manage your home electricity consumption by changing the EV home charging station, BeeMeter to higher or lower electrical consumption.
  • Electrical load balance at your fingertips, by monitor the entire electric home consumption and change the ev home charging station to prevent electric circuit breaker nuisance tripping.
  • Start your EV home charging station from the EV Meter app to make sure you are always ready to go.
  • By managing the BeeMeter from the app you can decide to charge your car at the hours that fits you, even when you are not next to your home car charger.
  • The entire household can manage the same electric car charger from our EV Meter app, allowing your home car charger to start when it is really needed.
  • Useful in situations where the EV home charging station is located in an area that could be accessible to other drivers as well.